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LASER Z-2300

How to order

First of all, we recommend you to call our sales agent or partner within your country. He will answer all your questions and he will help you with ordering and assembling the model without charge!

General contract terms

Ordering For this purpose, please, download our order form from chosen model website. Fill it readably. Don’t forget to state your phone number – it is important for transport reason.Please, state the exact kit type and color scheme you want, other parts if ordered, calculate total amount, sign order form and send it to our fax number (011) 420 572 581 895 or via e-mail: sales@krill-model.com . If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact our sales agent or us. We will be happy to help you.

Order confirmation

We will send you serial number of your model and date of delivery within 2 days after receiving your order. Please, always use your model serial number while contacting us.


We will send you a Proforma Invoice by e-mail approximately 10 days before confimed date of starting production. This Proforma Invoice contains all important data regarding the bank information and all kit parts. Please, check it carefully with your order! Payment must be done to our bank account before estimated date of starting production, otherwise startong of production will be delayed till we receive the payment. We don’t accept cheques, money orders, or credit cards. PayPal paymnet is possible too with addition Fee 3,6% to Proforma Invoice amount.


We use services of reputable transport companies. Each shipment is insured for 120% of its value. We use flight transportation and freight transportation as well, depending on final destinationFlight transportation – we send shipment to the nearest international airport in your region (term of delivery is approximately 3-5 days). All information you will find on attached Airway bill. You will be contacted by delivery company to pick up the shipment within 2 days after its arrival. In case of countries out of EU, you will have to pay proper tax and customs fees. Freight transportation – there is a 5-workdays delivery term in case of neighbor EU countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia…) and 10-workdays delivery term in case of other EU countries (Italy, Spain…). Shipment will be delivered right to the place of delivery stated in order.   Attention – remember the shipment receiving rule!!!Be very cautious while receiving the shipment! If you find any packing damage, unwrap the parts and check it carefully for possible damage. AFTER DOING THIS, CONFIRM THE TRANSPORTER’S SHIPMENT RECEIPT.If you find damage – state its extent and mark it to the shipment documentation or letter of dispute. In this case DO NOT accept the damaged box. Take detail pictures of damage and send it by e-mail to us together with letter of dispute. We will place a claim to our shipping company and send you new parts as soon as possible.We don’t accept claims for later discovered damage! 

Order change or cancellation

If you decide to change design or color, you can do it within 3 working days before confirmed date of starting production, otherwise your shipment will be delayed with respect to our production schedule. You can cancel the order within 3 working days before confirmed date of production starting with no charge, in case of later cancellation, payment will be returned to you to 14 days with 20% reduction.


If you find any bad parts in or kit, take a picture of it and send it with short description to us by e-mail. If we accept your claim, we will solve it by mutual settlement – manufacturing a new part or any other compromise.

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