Krill Model lets you introduce the new LASER Z-2300 kit developed by our team in co-operation with Gernot Bruckmann (A) and Peter Wessels (D). The kit is designed for pattern and 3D flying.

The kit size (2800 mm wingspan) is designed for 150 ccm engines and its flight characteristics correspond to the category of 3 m models and while transportation dimensions in the category of 2.6 m models.

The kit is designed to 2 stroke engines in size around 150 ccm. The larger mass of a stronger engine than the specified category can lead to the destruction of the kit aircraft structure.

Technical data:

  • Wingspan:  2800 mm

  • Length:  2662 mm incl. Rudder and spinner

                   2402 mm excl. Rudder, spinner included

  •  Wing surface area: 105 dm 2

  • Airframe weight: 7,8 kg

  • Take off weight (dry): 16,5 kg

  • CG is located 1 cm behind the wing tube.

Standart content of the kit:
Airframe (fuselage, cowling, rudder, stabs with elevators, clear canopy (blue-tinted) glued to
the frame), wing and elevator wing tubes, C/F landing gears, wheel covers, wheel axis, all
screws for canopy and cowl mounting, Gabriel set of horns - new.

Recommended accessories to be ordered:​

  • Spinner ULT 125mm 6/s

  • Wheel SLH 100/33mm ALU disc ball-bearing

  • Tailwheel 35% with the leg of C/F V2

  • Holder of F/G for fueltank (40%)

Engine/RC equipment:

  • Engine – 2 cylinders like MVVS 152, DA150, etc.


4 strong standard size servos – Ailerons
2 strong standard size servos -  rudder
2 strong standard size servos – elevators
1 standard size servos – throttle