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ivo kryl krill model aircraft

RC model airplane industry is the field of human aktivity, which you cannnot make only by speech of math and numbers. Airplanes (doesn´t matter if small or big ones) althrough it´s the most sophisticated machines constructed by humans and has it souls.

We in KRILL Aircraft company know about this soul and we take care about it since it´s birth. All our products are 100% proudly developed and produced in Czech Republic . Thanks to this we can deliver our customers quality and excellently flying RC airplanes.


Ivo Kryl jn. 



We want be always the first on peloton and we want to be inspiration and gladly copied from competitors on the field.


The most important are the people with whom you form a team. Respecting their work and constantly moving forward is a guarantee of a strong and quality the pillar of our work. So we are looking for new ideas and technologies concerning to production parts of composite and design of airplanes .



KRILL Model is a family company that has focused on lightweight composite technologies since its inception. It mainly offers individual orders in the field of aircraft modeling but also General Aviation. It is able to make various modifications to its customers, thus creating unique products that correspond to customers' ideas.

Airplanes are all about flying and feeling. For us, your satisfaction is in the first place, which is why we pay maximum attention to the quality and final inspection of our aircraft. Very important are the flight parameters where we stick to be at the top of the imaginary peloton.

This goes hand in hand with the introduction of new technologies and production processes related to composite materials.

During our profesional life we got many important meetings and friendships which persist to this day and we value them very much. Expeciali with Sebastiano Silvestry,  Gernot and Gerhard  Bruckmann , Daniel Hrachovec , Christian Dini , Fahad Al Shamsi , John Glezelis, Pedro Caldentey, Markus Richter etc.  We never forget on Klaus Dettmer and Ido „Dodo“ Segev !

We cooperate with top pilots. We use their knowledge and, together with our years of experience, apply it to the development of new aircraft.

5 years ago, we used our knowledge and started cooperating on many projects in UAV aircrafts and General aviation.

We currently mass-produce entire aircraft as well as their parts for a number of UAV companies.

Krill model aircraft company

The first company in the world to offer you a revolutionary CONFIGURATOR


We have 2,000 m2 of production space, which we are gradually filling up with other activities in the General Aviation and UAV sections. These are important experiences and we apply many of them to the production of RC aircraft.

CONFIGURATOR new 6/2020. (also to the News tab / register)

We are glad that we can be the first in the world to offer you a revolutionary CONFIGURATOR from 15th August 2020.

Create your original color design of the aircraft exactly according to your ideas with the comfort of your house.

  1. Choose Design and design your original color combination

  2. Define any adjustments you want on the model. For example, modify the firewall for your 4-cylinder. Or mount Ruder servo on the tail.

  3. Choose from a wide range of recommended accessories to make your work easier

  4. You can save and print your configured model. If you decide for it, send us your .PDF to our email: We will assign a serial number and date of manufacture to your aircraft.



We have introduced a new system of transport boxes. Again, great innovation and product protection. All parts are correctly and ergonomically placed so that the volume of the box is as small and safe as possible.



We have more than 20 years of experience in the development and construction of radio-controlled models.

No one wants to wait long for spare parts to be delivered or for information how to repairing, assembling or adjusting the model. If it is necessary to produce a spare part, we try to produce it for you as soon as possible. Don't forget to always send us a photo of your plane - to verify the correct design.

We opened and introduce new on-line Chat with Technical support. Here is our technical support  from Marek Plichta ( top and test pilot IMAC / F3M / F3A / UAV) . He will advise you on how to optimally set up the aircraft. Advise on repairing or resolving a technical problem.



Our products are sold all over the world, through our online store and our authorized dealers. Check link Our distributors .

We use all types of shipments around the world. Air, sea and freight transport . In case of want to pic up airplane personaly it be possible of course . Will wrovide this way with our the office . 

We are one big family chasing a big mission.

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