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No possible chance of colours for offered three colour schemes.
1.    PPS - in 5 diferent colour of combinations 
2.    IDO  - in 2 diferent colour of combinations 
3.    CHC  - in 3 diferent colour of combinations

In case of you like buy some old colour scheme in 2013-2015 season contact to KRILL dealer or the KRILL factory directly. Will write you if could be possible order or not.

Its time for a revolution in the 30% aircraft size.  KRILL Model had developed a lot of new modifications at a high level for this 30% sized aircraft.


The landing covers (skirts) was integred to the fuselage

Under motor dome special embossed for better ventilation air from outside the cowl and some more practical tricks.

The wings have central hinged ailerons

The wing and the stab tube of Carbon include

The clear canopy glued to the canopy frame and to be fixed on the fuselage.

We have pre installed the cowl and the landing gear also

We have pre driled holes for the control horns

Integrated ABS tray for Rx, batteries, rudder servos,etc.

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