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The airplane was designed by Gernot Bruckmann and he has offered his help with all questions concerning set-up or tricks for the new  EXTRA.

We worked with Gernot to develop the Extra to achieve a near perfect scale model of the popular Extra 330sc with out compromising full aerobatic performance!


1.    PPS   -   in 5 different color of combinations 
2.   IDO   -   in 2 different color of combinations 
3.   CHC  -   in 3 different color of combinations 

In case of you like buy some old colour scheme in 2013-2015 season contact to KRILL dealer or the KRILL factory directly. Will  write you if could be possible order or not.

You can see some practical details on the airframe:

  • the landing covers (skirts) was integred to the fuselage

  • under motor dome special embossed for better ventilation air from outside the cowl and some more practical tricks

The airplane is Full composite and we used some new additions that are improvements on our other models :

  • the wings have central hinged ailerons

  • the wing and the stab tube of Carbon include

  • the clear canopy glued to the canopy frame and to be fixed on the fuselage.

  • we have pre installed the cowl and the landing gear also

  • All ribs are composite and pre installed inside the fuselage ( included a rudder arm tray 117mm made from ALU)

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