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Size of the ailerons is in the middle of LX in 37% and classic Krill Extra 330SC so that you can use this kit ideally for precision but suitable for 3D aerobatics too. The kit is not only the SC version with a larger canopy to looks like LX.

Most of the parts are entirely new, and it means new shape and airfoil of wings, different shapes, and airfoil of elevators and the new shape of the rudder.

Large "glass" canopy is in standard delivered grey tinted. In comparison to SC, LX is much lighter with new construction of inner parts. 

  • The wings, rudder, and elevators have central hinged control surfaces.

  • Each Aileron uses two servos, and Each elevator uses only one servo per side, The rudder only requires to use one servo. One servo requires on the throttle with 8 servos in total is required.

  • The underside of the motor dome has specially designed to aid in efficient engine cooling.

  • The landing gear covers (skirts) are integrated into fuselage, finishing off the fuzz with some scale detail.

  • Included are carbon fiber main wing tube and stab tubes. The grey-tinted canopy glass is pre-bonded into the canopy frame. 

  • The cowling and UC gear is pre-installed.

  • The firewall is set-up for 100-120 cc engines.

  • Right Thrust has already been pre-set.

  • The C/F landing gear and wheel pants are designed for effortless assembly!

  • RTF weight (no batteries, dry, MVVS116NP installed with mufflers): 13500 g

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