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The wings , rudder , and elevators have central hinged control surfaces.

Each Aileron uses two servos , Each elevator uses only one servo per side, The rudder only requires  to use one servos.


One servo required on the throttle with 8 servos in total being required.

The underside of the motor dome has been specially designed to aid in efficient engine cooling.

The firewall is set up for 100-120 cc engines.

Right Thrust has  already been pre-set.

The landing gear covers (skirts) are integrated into fuselage finishing off the fuzz with some scale detail.

Included are carbon fibre main wing tube and stab tubes.The greye tinted canopy glass is pre-bonded into the canopy frame. 

The cowling and UC gear is pre-installed.

The C/F landing gear and wheel pants are designed for very easy assembly !

Technical data:
Wingspan:  2620 mm
Length:  2460 mm incl. Rudder and spinner
                 2300 mm excl. Rudder, spinner included


Wing surface area: 122,4 dm2
Airframe weight: 7,8 kg
Take off weight (dry): 16,5 kg



Recommended accessories to be ordered:​

  • Spinner ULT 125mm 6/s

  • Wheel SLH 100/33mm ALU disc ball-bearing

  • Tailwheel 35% with the leg of C/F V2

  • Holder of F/G for fueltank (40%)

  • SEC kit for servos

  • SEC SPORT kit

A new packing style of the kits. Gentle and safe pacing of the kit parts inside the cardboard box. 

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