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Avanti S FC kit rise from very popular original SebArt Avanti S semicomposite kit (composite fuselage, wooden wings and elevators). Main changes are in full composite wings and tail set, wingspan was increased to 2,1 m with new design of wing tips.

Fuselage get newly designed bigger air intakes. Kit isdelivere with metalic painted „glass“ of the canopy, but you can choose also real Carbon or Alutex canopy „glass“ design.


Avanti S FC kit has great flying characteristic, very strong and rigid construction which alow to fly „fast and furious“. When vector trust tube and turbine about 180N are installed, kit has unbeliavable agility for 3D aerobatic flying and howering tricks.You can choose your own colour combination on 3 standard skins in our new CONFIGURATOR.

Standard accessories delivered with the kit: 

Set of wing landing gear and servo doors.

Wing fences to be installed on the wings.

All join tubes and mounting screws.

Set of composite horns for all control surfaces.


As optional accesories you can order:

  • Integrated tank for Kerosene&Smoke

  • 2 pices set of tanks for Kerosene&Smoke

  • Electron retract gear set with electromagnetic brake

  • Secraft kit for Hitec/Futaba/JR servos

  • Luxury textile cover set for wings and tail

  • Luxury textile fuselage set

  • Sun cover

  • 3 sizes of Grumania jet pipes, largest one with vectoring

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