ARES XL 3300

New AreS XL 3D jet kit is a result of development company KRILL Aircraft and Seba Silvestri with main goal to offer big 3D sport jet kit with ultimate flying characteristic for precise aerobatics and 3D aerobatics at the same time. Size is set not to exceed European weight limit 25 kg – it means plane ready to fly with fuel + smoke.

To achieve this, we designed shape and extremely light frame (empty less than 9000 grams) with huge ailerons and flaps on central hinges, where flaps are possible to operate not only as a flaps (flaps move in positive deflection), but by mixing with ailerons as an additional surface for ailerons. Fuselage has a slim, flat and tall shape for great stability during knife edge flight. Elevators and rudder use central hinges as well. Frame is very light but  strong enough for extreme maneuvers at medium speeds.