Updated: Oct 19, 2019

For the season 2011, I have the inmense pleasure to be part of Team Krill .The model chosen was the most recent design by Sebastiano Silvestri, the Sukhoi 29, 37%.

In its second version (version 2011) which incorporates new “mega-ailerons” to be controlled by three servos per aileron, as well as a new rudder which gets wider at the tip, like in F3A, to improve precision, slow down downlines and increase the power of the rudder (as well as being a really cool place to put stickers!)

I wanted for the colour scheme to be something a little different, I loved the “Razor” scheme, but wanted mine to be unique. After playing with colours, I decided to change the dark gray for black fading into dark blue, as well as some shaded areas. The underside was to be a very simple blue and white set of squares to assure great visibility in the air.