Top wing is in lower possition about 70 mm and engine axis is right in the middle of both wings now. Symetrical design ensured more exact rolls.

ULT Mk2 wing move down.jpg


Ailerons was enlarged in area about 60%. Enlarged ailerons ensured much greater agility during all aerobatic manouvers including harier tricks. Elastic hinges of all ailerons are reinforced by plastic hinges at the root of the wings.

Newly designed tanks holder for fuel and smoke as standard accessories delivered with the kit.



Silencer holder for for two silencers in diameter 60 mm as standard accessories delivered with the kit.

New servo holder for easy installation of standard size servos inside the wings. Predrilled holes for easy instalation of Gabriel horns on all control surfaces,  horns are standard accessories delivered with the kit.


New minimalist and light board for rudder servos already installed in the fuselage

New light battery holders - set of parts, 2 pieces for receiver system, 1 piece for ignition delivered with the kit as standard accessories