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Small, cheap, but still full composite and exclusive!

Mini AreS is the newest airplane of our very successful series of AreS models. Jet retains its all-composite design, 3D flying capabilities when using a thrust vectoring in the smallest available KRILL Model design!



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No Screws! Clip and Fly!

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3D Printed Parts

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Affordable yet Exclusive!


Stable smooth Maneuvers


Brand New Designs

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Expand Your Arsenal with Advanced Manueverability


Kit without any compromising – full composite Fuselage, Wings and also Elevator and Rudder

The smallest full composite jet plane mini AreS

1700 mm


1500 mm


5 kg


50 - 60N




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Compact, Light
and Cheap

How light mini AreS is? Equipped  with an X45 jet turbine and standard tube, you can reach empty take-off weight under 4,7 kg! Compact size, convenient preparation for fly and back for transport allows everyday flying, relaxation and fun!

Although small, still strong in performance

When a jet turbine more than 60 N is used with vectored jet pipe, you have the same flying performance like mini AreS‘s bigger Brother. Ultimative 3D flying machine!

Proven solutions

Glass composite fuselage frame  with sandwich type rudder structure, strong and light! 


Flexible hinges of Kevlar on all control surfaces. Composite sandwich  layers of wings and elevators. Everything is light and strong!

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Turbine or EDF?

You can use both, it’s only your choice!

Large canopy allows access to the jet turbine or EDF unit. Quite big space and various possibilities of equipment locations.  Jet engine holder prepared for vector servos and various types of Jet engines and exhaust pipes or EDF.

JR Servo Compatible

Frame is designed for usage of JR servos S3411 at rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and vectoring. As stearing servo is used JR servo S396.

Innovative solutions

Mini was designed with the latest technologies
Clip-Fix Technology

Just Clip and Fly! No screws, just click on and wings and elevators are connected with fuselage! Easy, reliable and secure.

Large canopy opens enough space for equipment installation, and again, no screws, only bayonet connection secured by strong magnets. Clever and easy!

3D Printed Parts

Many parts are designed to be printed, but always with proper materials. Different material is used for  control horns, different for servo holder/covers, different for suction pipe router.

Exclusive and original painting

Only for mini AreS available skin Volcano in 4 colour combinations painted inside the moulds.

Set of stickers to underline the already stunning design.

A lot of Bang for a buck!

Not only frame, but electric retract gears with EM brakes are delivered with the kit in standard!

Set of stickers, universal jet engine /EDF/jet pipe holder, control horns, servo holders/covers, Carbon fibre joining tube and rod. All of that you will get for your money.

S  W  I  P  E 

Powerful Performance

It may be small, but this jet packs a ton of power.

It just depends on which motorization you choose. The model is suitable for weekend relaxing flying, but when you use a turbine with  more power, or thrust vectorization, you will enjoy a lot of fun in 3D acrobatic flying. Only your skills are the limit! This plane will improve your flying capabilities !

Colour Designs

Choose from four unique designs.