Amazing 3D & Pattern Flying

Fly As Extreme As You Can

Rip through the sky

with speed, power and

complete control.

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Better Cooling


New Fuselage Construction


Awsome Hard 3D Manuvers

Datový zdroj 2.png

Increased Wing Lenght


Increased Rudder Size

New Designs


2662 mm


2800 mm


16,5 kg


Designed for


Main goal of this Mk2 evolution was to improve flying characteristics. Watch Extreme Stress Test by Sacha SH Cecconi

Extreme by Default

We ensured it by increasing wing area (while aileron area was preserved) specifically from 119,80 dm2 to 132,50 dm2, another point is increasing of rudder area and decreasing of overall frame weight. The kit is greatly designed for pattern and 3D flying.

For better cooling was redesigned and increased air intakes and at the same time increased air outflow  during hard 3D maneuvers!

Brand new interior construction of Fuselage!

Technical Data
  • Wingspan:  2800 mm

  • Length:  2692 mm incl. Rudder and spinner

                        2402 mm excl. Rudder, spinner included

  • Wing surface area: 132,50 dm2

  • Airframe weight: 7,6 kg

LAser KK Racer Yellow (7).JPG
Standart kit includes

Airframe (fuselage, cowling, rudder, stabs with elevators, clear canopy (blue-tinted) glued to the frame), wing and elevator wing tubes, C/F landing gears, wheel covers, wheel axis, all screws for canopy and cowl mounting, Gabriel set of horns.

Safer Packaging

A new packing style of the kits. Gentle and safe pacing of the kit parts inside the cardboard box.

LSR Mk2 Transport box.jpg
Colour Designs

Customize your Own Design.


With a diverse range of accessories, the sky is truly the limit.

Mk2 Rudder Tray

Including SEC rudder arm 4''​

Optional rudder tray with SEC rudder arm on ball bearing.

Fuel Tank Holder

Optional MK2 support when ABS holder tray for fuel and smoke tanks is used.

More Recommended Accessories:​​
  • Spinner ULT 125mm 6/s

  • Wheel SLH 100/33mm ALU disc ball-bearing

  • Tailwheel 35% with the leg of C/F V2

  • Holder of F/G for fueltank (40%)

  • SEC kit for servos (version A)

  • extended board with rudder arm on ball bearing - necessary to use SEC kit for servos (version B)

  • SEC kit for servos (version B)

  • Rudder pull-pull set SPORT